»iamgod: aesthetic/semiotic research/development« is a platform and manifest with a critical and bold approach to socio-political and communicative phenomena through the perspective of type design, typography or language.
MGD Orion
MGD Orion regular
191/250 34 €
MGD Orion black
172/250 34 €
MGD Orion family
49/50 88 €
MGD Orion italic
196/250 34 €
MGD Rotter
MGD Rotter Regular
159/250 34 €
MGD TM11 regular
214/250 34 €
MGD Virilio
MGD Virilio heavy
197/250 34 €
MGD Virilio family
49/50 122 €
MGD Virilio italic
198/250 34 €
MGD Virilio regular
193/250 34 €
MGD Virilio thin
198/250 34 €
Cryptolog Typography book
08/70 16.50 €
Attempts Of A Correspondence book
24/30 8 €
Le Monde Ou Rien zine
98/100 12 €

Our licence system is based on the principle of a one licence-per-user scheme. If you purchase a licence you are free to use the typeface in any kind of project without restriction and install it in as many work environments as you (or the amount of persons licensed) personally use or need. After purchase you will receive font formats for web, app, broadcasting and print use via email. If you purchased via paypal, the font formats will be send to the email you registered in your paypal account.

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