»IAMGOD—AESTHETIC & SEMIOTIC RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT« is a platform and manifest with a critical and bold approach to socio-political and communicative phenomena through the perspective of typedesign, typography or language.

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„ A l’epoque, je considerais que la place du graphisme etait plutot dans la publicite (films, spectacles...). Le graphisme a un poids economique indeniable. Quand la Revolution est arrivee, je l’ai vu autrement, davantage comme un vecteur de reflexion et de mobilisation“ Sami Khorsandian

Written Territory

»Written Territory« is a photographical investigation of typography in space. Language and typography do not necessarily play a measurable, but surely a palpaple part in our perception of space. Certain typography evokes a certain kind of atmosphere. The neon fonts in an e…

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Schwarze Löcher in der Turing-Galaxis

How did Gutenberg’s invention of typography affect the relation between christian and islamic societies? What are we able to narrate through writing systems, which is not depictable through images? What is lost from Gutenberg to Zuckerberg? Do nation states lose their s…

Cryptolog Typography

»Cryptolog Typography« is a careful selection of typographical illustrations extracted from »Cryptolog: The Journal of Technical Health«, a magazine internally produced by and for employees of the National Security Agency (NSA), the biggest intelligence service of the USA. The mag…

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One Of You

According to the statistics of »journalists without borders« in the single year of 2016 sixty-one people have been killed as a consequence of their subversive and critical journalism which is more then necessary for a democratic, human world. Still, there are at least 262 j…

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